Common Male Body Language Signals

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This is the second post in the body language series.

Part 1: Female Body Language

Part 3: Body Language: Sales and Presentations

In my last post on body language, I covered some of the ways that women signal their attraction to men. I’m sure women are wondering how they can spot the guys that are interested in them. In general, women are much more perceptive than men and spot socials cues more readily, so they have less trouble picking up non-verbal signals. Men also tend to exhibit more overt social mannerisms than women.

Here are some of the indicators of interests that men display:[[MORE]]

Action: extended incidents of eye contact with you (5 seconds or more, uninterrupted)

what it means: very interested in something you are saying or just finds you appealing

Action: Body facing you, feet facing you, makes an effort to initiate or extend conversation with you, lingers around you

what it means: open to your advances, willing to listen to what you have to say

Action: ‘open’ body language with arms at sides and legs positioned to appear as large as possible (like a wild animal puffing itself to appear as large as possible to predators), puffs chest out, holds in stomach

what it means: attempts appear more masculine and in good health to appeal to your femininity

Action: fidgets and appears nervous while conversing with you (although this may be caused by self consciousness in the social setting)

what it means: worried about what you think of him; wants to put his best foot forward in your presence
These signals are not the definitive answer for determining if an individual is interested in more than acquaintanceship with you, but they will provide some useful insight.

Part three of this series, Using Body Language To Boost Sales and Enhance Presentations, coming soon.

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