Los Angeles Unified School District Drops Millions on iPads, Gets Burned image

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“Come on, Daddy needs a new education curriculum!”

A friend sent this link to me earlier this week, on a deal between Apple and The Los Angeles Unified School District:

LAUSD Apple iPad Deal

This is akin to a bad football team buying fancier, flashier jerseys in a bid to play better on the field.[[MORE]]

When I first heard rumblings of this deal earlier this year, I thought it was a terrible idea. It doesn’t solve any real need. It’s just another scheme to make people “feel” like they are making a difference without actually solving the task at hand. Instead of long-term diligence, they chase shortcuts and crystal ball forecasts of the future.

Taxpayer waste is nothing new for public schools. Lack of accountability creates safe haven for inefficiency and corruption at the expense of the community. There’s just not enough incentive to do the right thing.

It’s easy to waste money when it isn’t yours.

Make choices that best balance costs and impact on your most important goals. Schools shouldn’t chase every new technological advance.

It’s like the average american buying a sedan because its advertised acceleration is zero-to-sixty in two seconds; unless you make a habit of running from the cops, is this a feature you’ll ever need to use?

The problems with public education go deeper than money or access to a trendy computer or tablet. How else do you explain impoverished immigrants from Africa—who have even less knowledge of american culture and norms—-running circles around domestic students?

This controversial book presents a convincing argument on the root of minority struggle in the classroom:


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