How To Build Your Own Online Library for Books, Music, and Videos

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Over at Technical Foul, an instructional guide to setting up your own online ‘access-from-anywhere’ storage system for your media and data files:

A private system gives you more control over your files—any third party service can shut down without notice, taking your files with it— and who has access to your files.

The article may be daunting for the technically-challenged, but it’s thorough and well-executed.

Bonus Link: Net Neutrality and The Battle For Free Internet Usage

Net Neutrality is the mandate that Internet Service Providers provide access to every internet website at equal speed. The FCC is considering legislation that would allow companies to charge users more money to access particular websites at faster speeds and, conversely, slow access to other websites down.

I’m sure you can see why this is a problem for every American (and internet users across the globe).

The loss of Net Neutrality is a very real threat to your internet experience. Keep an eye on this issue and seize any opportunity to shut this legislation down.


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