Ace Your Job Interview and Land That Business Contract: Case Studies, Framing Effects, and Referrals (Part 1)

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Presenting a case study of a client’s organization is a fantastic strategy for winning business.

Find a recent problem or area of need for the company and demonstrate how you would solve it. You don’t have to create a ten-page report filled with pie charts and diagrams. All you have to do is provide a concise explanation of how you can help the company cut costs, increase efficiency or produce some other positive result. Alternatively, you could analyze a strategy they’ve utilized in the past and explain how you might change it for the benefit of the company.

In a sea of applicants, any manifestation of diligence and dedication to the goals of the organization will set you apart. Going the extra mile with a case study shows that you care enough to study the nuts and bolts of the organization before you’ve even met with a member of the company.

The above strategy works just as well for job interviews.

But what words and descriptions should we use when writing case studies or drafting proposals?

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