Redshirting: Not Just for College Quarterbacks

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One controversial idea making the rounds in parenting circles is the postponement of Kindergarten or First Grade for young children. Coined “Redshirting”, parents delay a child’s entry into the academic world in order to maximize his/her chances of success for their children.

Authorities ranging from scientists to best-selling authors reason that older children sport a significant advantage over their younger peers on not just the field (physical attributes conferred by age differences play a major role in youth sports) but in the classroom as well.

Older kids (on average) are better able to focus on and complete work essential for success in academics. In addition, older children are better able to make friends and navigate the social pitfalls prevalent amongst school aged children.

After balancing the apparent benefits with the possible drawbacks (kid sits out year of school, doesn’t progress through school with same-aged peers) and social stigmas, one may conclude that holding your “Pre-K” children out of school for a year might be worthwhile.  Early success begets future accomplishments and builds self esteem.

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