The Origin of “Just Tap The Glass”

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Friends and family often seek my opinion on business ideas, current events and the sports world. Some of those same friends and family suggested I start a blog and publish my ideas.

Choosing the subject focus of the blog wasn’t too difficult.

I’ve always had a keen interest in human interaction. In college, my favorite courses were “Social Psychology”, “Behavioral Economics” and “Negotiation Theory”—all subjects centered on interpersonal interaction. Writing about the real-world application of these disciplines only seemed natural.

The blog title (Just Tap The Glass) is a derivative of the phrase “don’t tap the glass”, an oft-heard warning in both pet care and poker.

People who own fish are warned not to tap on the glass aquariums, as the noise is extremely unpleasant for the fish. Aquariums, zoos and pet stores will let you know as much.

In poker, the phrase is a reminder not to berate novice players (commonly called ‘fish’ by experienced players). Poor players make more mistakes, providing more cash for everyone else. Criticizing weak players alerts them to their bad play, or ‘taps the glass’. Once startled, these ‘fish’ eliminate their mistakes, reducing potential winnings for the better players.

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