Getting Yours: A (Very Short) Guide to Getting What You Want Without Poisoning The Well

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We’re a month in to the New Year; hope you’ve made some changes for the better.

You don’t need to be a superhero to obtain the finer things in life, just a reverence for the power of systems and an understanding of how to rally the troops.

They say a word to the wise is sufficient for imparting a message, so I’m going to use a few pictures to illustrate themes from my first post of 2017.

1) Conflict is healthy.

Disagreements are unavoidable, particularly if everyone is being honest and authentic.

Just keep it in the right context: Don’t sacrifice the war to win the battle.

Scorched Earth Policies: Great for video games. Terrible for business.

2) No one does it alone (for long).

Few things worth doing in life are accomplished without help.

A determined mind is a formidable ally, searching the shadows for opportunities to form new partnerships and solidify old ties to those you hold dear.

You never know who—or what—is waiting in the wings to come to your aid.

A band of brothers greater than the sum of its parts.

3) We need systems, not “magic bullets”.

Complex problems require complex solutions.

The answers to your questions won’t be found in today’s feel-good motivational quote of the day. Cultivate the right “higher-order” thinking and the pieces will fall into place.

Sorry, there’s no Pokéball for “conflict resolution”.

Stop looking for shortcuts: Teach yourself how to fish.

In all things, an eye on the end game—and the other players on the field—will carry you far.

Learn more about conflict resolution (for smart people) here:

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