Lebron James Deserved The NBA Finals MVP Award

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The NBA Finals MVP Award has gone to a member of the losing team just once in league history (Jerry West – Lakers – 1969).

Lebron James deserved a spot in that exclusive club.

His stats are splashed all over the airwaves and there are already a ton of articles breaking down his otherworldly production in the series.

In honor of Lebron’s heroic effort as an outgunned, overworked underdog, I’m posting a series of pictures of other figures who had to carry the load in the face of overwhelming odds—with little-to-no help around them.

It’s a fitting tribute.

Raphael vs. The Foot Clan – (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – 1990)

In lieu of a single picture, I’m linking to the whole scene.

George Bailey – (It’s A Wonderful Life – 1946)

Boxer The Horse – (Animal Farm – 1954)

Keung – (Rumble in The Bronx – 1995)

Spiderman takes on The Sinister Six (Spiderman TAS: Season 2- E1)

Juror #8: “Davis” – (12 Angry Men – 1957)

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