My Fantasy Football Team (As of Week 3)

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I’m a big fan of fantasy football.

I run two leagues: one with an entry fee, the other a free league. Both leagues feature managers that are friends, family or sports fans who like my performance as a commissioner.

I’ll focus on the “money league” here.

Notable Differences from Standard-Scoring Leagues:

Sun-Tuesday Waiver System: All free agents are placed on waivers at the start of Sunday’s games and remain there until Wednesday morning. This removes the need to sit by your computer on Sunday to have a shot at free agents.

Passing Tds : 4 pts

Receiving/Rushing Tds: 5 pts

Field Goal (1-29yds) : 1 pts

FG (30-49yds) : 2 pts

FG (50+ yds) : 3 pts

Fumbles : 2 pts

Notes on scoring:

–We penalize ALL fumbles. Fumble recovery is random, so players who fumble but don’t commit a turnover are still punished.

–Touchdowns are weighted less heavily than many other leagues. “Yards gained” are an underrated statistic of individual performance in standard scoring.

–Field Goals (usually 3, 4 , and 5 points respectively) are given too much weight in standard-scoring leagues. I don’t want to play in a league where two 50-yard field goals are worth 100 yards rushing.

My Drafted Roster:

The Icemen (7th pick in draft. 12-team league. Snake format)

  1. Rashard Mendenhall(Pit – RB)
  2. Vincent Jackson(SD – WR)
  3. Hakeem Nicks(NYG – WR)
  4. Ahmad Bradshaw(NYG – RB)
  5. Fred Jackson(Buf – RB)
  6. Eli Manning(NYG – QB)
  7. Roy Williams(Chi – WR)
  8. Reggie Bush(Mia – RB)
  9. Mike Thomas(Jac – WR)
  10. Matt Cassel(KC – QB)
  11. Jacoby Ford(Oak – WR)
  12. Michael Bush(Oak – RB)
  13. Arizona(Ari – DEF)
  14. Lance Kendricks(StL – TE)
  15. Garrett Hartley(NO – K)

My Current Roster:

QB: Grossman, Eli Manning

WR: Vincent Jackson, Hakeem Nicks, Roy Williams, Denarius Moore, Dexter Mccluster

RB: Mendenhall, Bradshaw, Fred Jackson, Reggie Bush, Michael Bush

TE: Lance Kendricks

K: John Kasay

DEF: Arizona

I drafted Matt Cassel because of Kansas City’s weak schedule. I didn’t have much confidence in the KC offense, but soft defenses can make anyone look good. After watching Cassel’s performance in Week 1. I dropped him immediately.

I chose not to pick up anyone off waivers after week 1, opting to pick up free agents and earn a higher waiver-priority. I was #7 on the list and figured that a few managers ahead of me would pick up someone off waivers. moving me up the list. Injuries occur every week; I wanted to be at the top of the waiver priority list to pounce on new starters.

Sure enough, Jamaal Charles (among others) got hurt and I was in good position to take advantage of it (I moved up to #3 on the waiver priority list after week 1).

This week, I picked up Dexter Mccluster from the waiver wire. If he were just listed as a running back, I would have left him on the waiver wire; I’m shorting the Chiefs’ offense. What Mccluster does have going for him is rare dual-eligibility: (RB/WR). I’ll be plugging him in at WR, especially since Roy Williams is out with a groin injury.

We’re off to an 0-2 start. We were among the lowest scoring teams in week 1, and lost a close matchup this week (96-97)

With 11 games left to play and a historical benchmark of seven wins needed to make the playoffs, we’ve got to get back on the winning side of the ledger.

Expect more updates on my fantasy football team.

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