A Hat Tip to a Previous JTTG Guest: Jonathan Tjarks

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I just found out one of my favorite writers, Jon Tjarks, passed away from Cancer last month.

I searched his name to see if he had shared his opinion on one of the more scintillating stories happening in the NBA right now and discovered this update:


You will find one of his final pieces there, as well as a support page for his wife and young son.

We would stay in touch via email from time to time, exchanging updates on life and the value of weaving the gospel in with good copy. He was one of my earliest interviews on JTTG and went on to become one of the more respected voices in sports:


Check out his fantastic archive of early basketball articles here:


And some of his later work, exploring biblical wisdom as it relates to everyday living:


Life on earth is a work in motion and it’s never too early to consider how we are putting our talents and time to use:

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