Supplemental Income

Now that Christmas has passed and those holiday bills are rolling in, you might need a temporary infusion of additional income.

Come to think of it, is there ever a time when extra cash isn’t welcome?

Instead of seeking out a low-paying, high-stress part-time job, consider using some of your marketable skills and talents to make money. You can create an item or market a service that you enjoy performing for others. Much more pleasurable and, potentially, more lucrative than a part-time job, monetizing your hobbies can be a boon to your finances.

For example, if you are a master craftsman, you can contact local organizations who might be in need of your services. You could create customer bird houses and dog houses for animal enthusiasts and pet stores. If you hold specialized knowledge that is in high demand (e.g. computer repair/optimization), you can contract out your services. You can also buy and resell items to generate income. Sites like Craigslist provide numerous arbitrage opportunities for the shrewd negotiator.

Inventory your skills and talents, brainstorm and come up with a few acceptable alternatives. Who knows? Your pet venture could blossom into a sizable enterprise.

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