Tom Naughton

Overeating: A Path to Good Health?

Over at, Tom Naughton relays the tale of an ordinary guy running and extraordinary experiment: “A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Sam Feltham on his Smash The Fat Liveshow.  He told me at the time that he was running an N=1 experiment to see what would happen if he consumed 5,000 calories …

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Guest Spotlight: Tom Naughton

Guest Spotlight: Tom Naughton Tom Naughton was one of the early supporters of Just Tap The Glass. If you haven’t watched his documentary, Fat Head, you should do so immediately. It’s as entertaining as it is informative. I’ve discussed the benefits of higher-protein eating and debunked some of the hysteria permeating the food industry in the past. Fat Head takes an in-depth look into …

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