New Year, Same Excuses

Happy New Year, folks. As always, new goals and promises are big this time of year. The only real certainty is that, for most, resolutions are destined to fall flat. A fitting segue for this post: Three Reasons You Think You Can’t Stay in Shape (and why you’re wrong). My brother, Tobe Erike, is a …

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Parenting and The Dangers Of The Self-Esteem Movement

There’s a growing ‘Self-Esteem’ movement in parenting circles. Advocates are pushing the idea that constant praise and minimal exposure to struggle are the keys to raising happy, productive children. We can thank them for the elimination of games of Tag in school playgrounds and youth sports leagues that forbid score-keeping. I’m not a parent, but I’m …

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Sports Analytics and Talent Development in The 21st Century

Every year professionals from a wide range of fields convene at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference to discuss all things sports. Shea Balish, a PhD candidate in the field of Psychology, had a stand-out lecture on the development of athletic talent. His presentation featured an exploration of the 10,000 hour rule, the frailty of expertise, …

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Sometimes, It’s Best Just to Start Over

A name change is one of the most effective ways of distancing one’s company from a checkered past. The infrastructure remains the same, but you can mold your new public persona to your liking.   Get it over with

What Kentucky Fried Chicken Can Teach Us About Saving Wildlife

I alluded to this in my post on The Tragedy of the Commons: Although well-intentioned, bans on hunting and trapping do little to protect animals on the endangered species list. When we examine the underlying economic and sociological principles behind common measures enacted to protect animal populations, the preceding statement rings true.

Controversy Sells

Money may make the world go round, but “controversy” comes in a close second.

Lebron Carries Heat to NBA Title, Silences Critics—For Now

The Miami Heat came close last year, but couldn’t overcome a Mavericks team that was ideally-suited to attack their weaknesses. Now, Lebron James—and to a much lesser extent, Chris Bosh—can finally hurl that monkey off his back.

Start A Success Journal

I’ve kept a ‘Success Journal’ since 2005. It’s a fantastic resource for chronicling both the mundane and major accomplishments in your life.[[MORE]] Compliments you’ve received, athletic triumphs, work completed on the job, instances you ventured out of your comfort zone—-write it all down. Make a detailed entry of what you did and the date you …

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