Thanks For Supporting My Book

A big “Thank You” to everyone who came out to support the launch of my book, “No” Doesn’t Always Mean No. I hope you had a good time. I also appreciate all of the support from those unable to make it. You should find “No” Doesn’t Always Mean No a very good read. My book will …

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Start A Success Journal

I’ve kept a ‘Success Journal’ since 2005. It’s a fantastic resource for chronicling both the mundane and major accomplishments in your life.[[MORE]] Compliments you’ve received, athletic triumphs, work completed on the job, instances you ventured out of your comfort zone—-write it all down. Make a detailed entry of what you did and the date you …

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It’s been one year since my first blog post. A reminder of how it all started: Great milestone. Maintaining a public blog is an excellent way to sharpen your communication skills and raise your technological I.Q. Over the past year, I’ve written a book, experimented with new health initiatives, thrown out some wild ideas, … One-Year Anniversary Read More »

I Did An Interview For A Website For Authors

Here’s the interview: Check it out. Here’s the book:

Book Review: No Doesn’t Always Mean No

Check out a review of my report No Doesn’t Always Mean No here: (Courtesy of Chris Horner at You can purchase the report here.