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On Life and Football – An Interview with Referee Rant

Over at my buddy, Ralph’s, “Referee Rant” podcast series, my latest entry: We explore my thoughts on COVID, real-world conflict resolution, and navigating the games—within the game—of football. Some time stamps below….

Guest Spotlight: Anthony Mychal

Anthony Mychal runs one of my favorite websites, His book, An Athlete’s Guide To Chronic Knee Pain, occupies a prominent space on my digital mantle. I’ve invited Anthony to JTTG to tell us more about his work.

Guest Spotlight: Louis Ferrante

Flights from New York to Nigeria can be as long as 18 hours. I grabbed a few books to read in the airports and on the planes. Among those was Unlocked, the autobiography of former mobster Louis Ferrante. I bought Ferrante’s other book, Mob Rules: What The Mafia Can Teach The Legitimate Businessman, a couple years …

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Guest Spotlight: Jonathan Bales

I love games and sports. The solution-based focus of competitive activity mirrors what’s needed for success in the real world. When I’m not playing football or battling over park place, I’m holding court in one of my fantasy sports leagues. For someone with my competitive bent, it’s a seamless fit. Previously dismissed as another iteration of …

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Guest Spotlight: Okwy Anyanwu

Meeting new people is enjoyable. It’s particularly gratifying when they’re of shared heritage. Nigeria, a nation as synonymous with human capital as it is oil reserves, continues to make waves in fashion, technology, and entertainment. I met Okwy Anyanwu at an event for Nigerian professionals in New York City in March. She works in television production and, if you live in …

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Guest Spotlight: Presh Talwalkar

Guest Spotlight: Presh Talwalkar     As I’ve said in the past, there are few things I enjoy more than a good game. Games requiring participant interaction and strategic planning appeal to my analytical orientation and competitive nature. My latest guest interview offers more of the same.

Guest Spotlight: Ryan (GrubGrade)

Guest Spotlight: Ryan (From GrubGrade) Ryan operates the popular food review site When I want to know the latest offerings at a restaurant or drive-thru, GrubGrade is one of my first stops. High-quality food photos paired with detailed reviews satisfy even the most discerning readers. I’ve invited Ryan here to tell us more about himself.

Guest Spotlight: Tom Naughton

Guest Spotlight: Tom Naughton Tom Naughton was one of the early supporters of Just Tap The Glass. If you haven’t watched his documentary, Fat Head, you should do so immediately. It’s as entertaining as it is informative. I’ve discussed the benefits of higher-protein eating and debunked some of the hysteria permeating the food industry in the past. Fat Head takes an in-depth look into …

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Guest Spotlight: Courtney Mason

Guest Spotlight: Courtney Mason I met Courtney while searching for an artist for a design project of mine. She is an illustrator/graphic artist, as well as a fashion designer. Her portraits, sketches, and illustrations are eye-catching and thought-provoking. I’ve invited Courtney to tell us more of her story. When/how did you realize you wanted to …

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