Eat Fat to Lose Fat?

I’ve recommended this change in diet before. For all of you whose New Year’s resolution is to lose weight (lose ‘fat’ would be a much more precise and desirable goal, actually)…… http://www.proteinpower.com/drmike/ketones-and-ketosis/tips-tricks-for-starting-or-restarting-low-carb-pt-i/ Re-read it several times until it sinks in. I strongly recommend this guy’s documentary as well. Other Pertinent Posts: https://justtaptheglass.com/post/8644424490/protein-part1 https://justtaptheglass.com/post/8733130636/protein-part2

Red Meat Does Not Cause Heart Disease or Cancer

We’ve already explored the reasons why saturated fat is good for you and examined false information disseminated by trusted health organizations. Here’s another link providing more information on red meat, Heart Disease, and the onset of cancer: http://myhealingkitchen.com/articles/red-meat-doesnt-cause-heart-disease-or-cancer/

Do This if You Want to Lose Fat, Save Time in the Mornings

This post is apropos, given what we love to do on Independence Day. Intermittent fasting (IT): Eat only during certain, pre-determined periods of the day It’s not for everyone, but it has its merits. Studies have shown that metabolism and fat oxidation in humans may be positively impacted by intermittent fasting. That’s makes evolutionary sense, …

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