No, Weightlifting Will Not Turn You Into A Monster

First, my exculpatory Kene-is-Not-Liable Disclaimer: You will not hold me or this website responsible for any damages you may incur as a result of reading this information. See a health professional before starting any diet or exercise program. I hate having to include this legalese, but that’s the world we live in today. Let’s continue…. ‘How to …

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Overeating: A Path to Good Health?

Over at, Tom Naughton relays the tale of an ordinary guy running and extraordinary experiment: “A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Sam Feltham on his Smash The Fat Liveshow.  He told me at the time that he was running an N=1 experiment to see what would happen if he consumed 5,000 calories …

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Guest Spotlight: Ryan (GrubGrade)

Guest Spotlight: Ryan (From GrubGrade) Ryan operates the popular food review site When I want to know the latest offerings at a restaurant or drive-thru, GrubGrade is one of my first stops. High-quality food photos paired with detailed reviews satisfy even the most discerning readers. I’ve invited Ryan here to tell us more about himself.

Guest Spotlight: Tom Naughton

Guest Spotlight: Tom Naughton Tom Naughton was one of the early supporters of Just Tap The Glass. If you haven’t watched his documentary, Fat Head, you should do so immediately. It’s as entertaining as it is informative. I’ve discussed the benefits of higher-protein eating and debunked some of the hysteria permeating the food industry in the past. Fat Head takes an in-depth look into …

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Eat Fat to Lose Fat?

I’ve recommended this change in diet before. For all of you whose New Year’s resolution is to lose weight (lose ‘fat’ would be a much more precise and desirable goal, actually)…… Re-read it several times until it sinks in. I strongly recommend this guy’s documentary as well. Other Pertinent Posts:

Red Meat Does Not Cause Heart Disease or Cancer

We’ve already explored the reasons why saturated fat is good for you and examined false information disseminated by trusted health organizations. Here’s another link providing more information on red meat, Heart Disease, and the onset of cancer: