The Importance of Pointed Questions and Clear Directions

Note: This is an excerpt from my book, “No” Doesn’t Always Mean No. One of the biggest reasons teams falter is poor communication. When giving orders or directions to other people, one of the worst things you can do is be ambiguous. Do yourself a favor–devise clear and specific tasks and requests for others to follow.

Start A Success Journal

I’ve kept a ‘Success Journal’ since 2005. It’s a fantastic resource for chronicling both the mundane and major accomplishments in your life.[[MORE]] Compliments you’ve received, athletic triumphs, work completed on the job, instances you ventured out of your comfort zone—-write it all down. Make a detailed entry of what you did and the date you …

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Dealing With People Who Cut The Line

I read this article on what to do when someone cuts ahead in line. Although it’s becoming increasingly rare, “speaking up” remains the most effective option for combating this sort of behavior.