Changes Are Afoot: JTTG (& More)

An update: is under re-development. The page is still live, so you can read the articles as always, but the design is undergoing some updates.

On another note….

Spring is the season that new growth begins to peek through, the manifestation of all of the seeds sown and work committed behind the scenes.

On the personal front, I’ve undergone a number of changes. Fully embracing the value of emotional-availability, self-reflection on the best ways to bridge communication gaps with perspectives that differ from my own, and the oft-forgotten importance of “minimum effective dosage” when deciding which goals to pursue and how best to achieve them.

I’ve spent a ton of time helping others do the same.

I’m now formally introducing the latest extension of that work: K.E. Consulting.

My consulting firm has existed for a number of years, committed to helping clients identify—and resolve—the challenges preventing them from enjoying the relationships, careers, and businesses they’ve always wanted. The company has evolved during the pandemic, so it’s only fitting we roll out some of those developments for everyone to see.

So, if you’re like me and hold a lifelong interest in….

  • Business Growth
  • Career Advancement And Designing A Work Life You’re Passionate About
  • Developing Strong Personal And Professional Relationships
  • Building Confidence And Improving Social Skills

We’re here for you.

Check out the website here:

And follow our LinkedIn page….

…for more content that will help you get the most out of the bonds and opportunities you hold dear.

– Kene

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