Apple iPad 2 Unveiled March 11, Many Disappointed Customers

The original Ipad came out less than 10 months ago, and the Ipad 2 doesn’t offer many significant upgrades.

Early adopters, do you really need to be there to buy the Ipad 2 the first day (or at all?) of launch?  I hope the pride of being among the first to own the Ipad is worth the expense (both time and money) and missing out on the price reductions/tech updates that are sure to follow in the near future.

Apple fanboys (and girls) have been waiting anxiously for the newest iteration of the Ipad since it was announced.

Today, that day arrived.

People were waiting on line as soon as the local mall opened (9am).

I happened to be at that mall around 5pm (the designated launch time of the Ipad 2).

It was like a rock concert or some evangelical event. An army of Apple store employees were literally running up and down the line encouraging people to cheer and clap when the clock struck 5pm.


Some pics of the scene:

Apple said supplies would be limited, so I don’t know how many people got to purchase an Ipad. The line at the mall was at least 100 yards long and went out the door and into the parking lot.

I’m sure there were many disappointed people….

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