Fantasy Football Playoffs 2012

Week 14 marks the beginning of the fantasy football playoffs for many leagues worldwide.

I finished the regular season at 8-5 on the back of a 5-1 stretch over the last 6 weeks of the season.

Round 1 of the playoffs kicks off today.  I am the 4th seed.

Here’s the matchup:


The regular season throws you all sorts of curve balls. I withstood a slew of injuries (Willis Mcgahee, Maurice Jones-Drew, and others), and swung a big trade (RG3 for Matt Stafford and Brandon Marshall).

Compare my drafted team to my current roster:

Draft Roster:

1. (10) Matthew Stafford

(Det – QB)

2. (15) Maurice Jones-Drew

(Jac – RB)

3. (34) Brandon Marshall

(Chi – WR)

4. (39) Willis McGahee

(Den – RB)

5. (58) Ahmad Bradshaw

(NYG – RB)

6. (63) Eric Decker

(Den – WR)

7. (82) Kevin Smith

(Det – RB)

8. (87) Pierre Garcon

(Was – WR)

9. (106) Titus Young

(Det – WR)

10. (111) Denarius Moore

(Oak – WR)

11. (130) Jared Cook

(Ten – TE)

12. (135) Christian Ponder

(Min – QB)

13. (154) Cincinnati

(Cin – DEF)

14. (159) Garrett Hartley

(NO – K)

15. (178) Minnesota

(Min – DEF)

Current Roster:


(Was – QB)Player notes


(Den – WR)Player notes


(Was – WR)New player notes


(Cle – WR)Player notes


(Phi – RB)Player notes


(NYG – RB)New player notes


(Den – TE)New player notes


(Den – K)New player notes


(NYJ – DEF)No new player Notes


(Oak – WR)New player notes


(Jac – RB)New player notes


(NYJ – RB)Player notes


(NYG – RB)Player notes


(StL – WR)Player notes


(StL – DEF)No new player Notes

Notable Additions in 2nd half of reg. season:

RG3: Acquired him the week after the MJD injury. Had to part with Matt Stafford and Brandon Marshall to get him. A glut of good WRs made this trade palatable.

Bryce Brown: I’m on the Bryce Brown train until the wheels fall off.

Pierre Garcon: Not an addition per se, but he’s been battling injury since the very first game of the season.

NYJ Defense: With a ‘who’s who’ of bottom-feeders in the last few weeks of the season, they are worth the gamble. Their defense, while not the caliber of the 2010 squad, is still much better than pundits would have you believe.

Notable Drops:

Mcgahee: Knee Injury

Stafford: Part of the RG3 trade. He didn’t live up to expectations in the 1st half of the season, but I predicted he would play much better over the last seven or eight weeks. He hasn’t disappointed.

Brandon Marshall: Part of the RG3 trade. My best receiver. Traded him because elite-qb production is more valuable, especially in the form of rushing yards. I did a solid job of drafting and acquiring wide-outs, so I knew his loss could be mitigated.

As always, I’ve had a great time playing Fantasy Football. Hopefully, you’ve had some success as well.

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