Chris, Your Response is Appreciated


I know you’re busy but I would be remiss if I didn’t try to contact you.

In lieu of a regular email, (which might get lost among the hundreds you probably receive every month), I took the time to write you a blog post.

I just finished reading “A Beautiful Game”.

Another sportswriter, whom I interviewed last year, recommended the book over Bill Simmons’ “Book of Basketball”.

It did not disappoint.

Considering the underlying theme of “unconventional methods begetting uncommon results” in your writing, my approach is fitting.

The off-hand anecdote featuring Shaq and Robin Lopez in the “Big Man” chapter was particularly enjoyable; it shed some light on why both Robin and Brook Lopez play like they are 6’5’’ instead of 7-footers. The insight into Kobe’s drive to be the best was also memorable.

A little about me:

I’m a recent college graduate with an interest in Social Psychology and Behavioral Economics. For the past year, I’ve maintained a blog on Applied Social Psychology and strategic thinking here:

Occasionally, I contact professionals who display particular creativity and skill in their field of expertise. People who exhibit genuine fascination and curiosity in their work.

Two of my previous interviews:

Jonathan Tjarks, Sportswriter for

Jeaux Janovsky, Illustrator

I’d like to interview you for my website, Chris.

A short interview in which you could promote your upcoming book on Macon Baseball and provide insight into your life and interest in Basketball would be greatly appreciated.

It’s a simple process: I email you a list of questions, and you can send back your answers in a week or so.

My readers (many of whom are sports fans) would love to learn about the experiences and lessons that shaped the Chris Ballard we see today.

Thanks for taking the time to read this message, Chris.

Looking forward to your response,

Kene Erike

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