Fantasy Football Finish and Basketball Draft

I was knocked out in Round 2 of the fantasy playoffs. Devastating.

Nicks had a couple of TD drops and Manning threw three picks. That didn’t help.[[MORE]]

Final Score: 81 – 103

I did manage to win the ‘3rd place’ game, netting a nice consolation prize. The team that beat me in the 2nd round (#1 seed) went on to win the title.

A very fun fantasy football season in the books.

On to basketball…..

Below, you’ll find my draft result. I play in a standard nine-category league.

1.(6)Deron Williams(NJ – PG)

2.(19)Josh Smith(Atl – SF,PF)

3.(30)Joe Johnson(Atl – SG,SF)

4.(43)Marcin Gortat(Pho – C)

5.(54)Jason Richardson(Orl – SG,SF)

6.(67)Wesley Matthews(Por – SG,SF)

7.(78)Jarrett Jack(NO – PG,SG)

8.(91)Jeff Teague(Atl – PG,SG)

9.(102)Paul George(Ind – SG,SF)

10.(115)Amir Johnson(Tor – PF)

11.(126)Brendan Haywood(Dal – C)

12.(139)Bismack Biyombo(Cha – PF)

13.(150)Jordan Hill(Hou – PF,C)

14.(163)Gordon Hayward(Uta – SG,SF)

(Note: Hill and Biyombo were replaced with Spencer Hawes and Udonis Haslim early in week 1.)

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