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Lessons From Election 2016

Reading Time: 5 minutes My article on the 2016 election generated some reaction, some of which I’ll address in this post. But before I get to that, some notes

How Traffic Cameras Hurt Communities

Reading Time: 3 minutes (Note: I’m not against traffic cameras per se; I’m against the using them for ticketing trivial offenses.) I made a right turn at a red

McDonald’s vs. The Labor Movement

Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s been a lot of hubbub about the call for a $15/hr minimum wage for McDonald’s employees. The following is a look at why those

Doubling Down: Not Just Good For Blackjack

Reading Time: 3 minutes In Blackjack, you’ve got the option to “double-down” on 9, 10, or 11. You receive just one additional card and
 double your bet, upping your

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