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Mating Calls of The Irrational Sports Fan: NCAA Edition


Note: When I mention “college sports” in this article, I am talking about sports at major Division I programs. The Alabamas and Notre Dames of the world, not the Claremont Mckennas. The difference between the athletic-academic-financial atmosphere at major D1 schools and everywhere else is a chasm. To paraphrase Shannon Sharpe, it’s like comparing “Titanic” and “Dude, Where’s My Car?”—-not in the same league (pun intended).

I will not waste time belaboring this distinction in the article, so don’t bother arguing how things at [insert your favorite college] are different—-I am well aware of this.

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Animal Cruelty: The Price of Cheap Meat


WarningThe following link is graphic (but still SFW). If you’re squeamish, you may not want to read it or watch the videos inside.

Discretion is advised.

Paul Solotaroff of Rolling Stone wrote a shocking piece on animal cruelty and big business:

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Guest Spotlight: Louis Ferrante


Flights from New York to Nigeria can be as long as 18 hours.

I grabbed a few books to read in the airports and on the planes.

Among those was Unlocked, the autobiography of former mobster Louis Ferrante. I bought Ferrante’s other book, Mob Rules: What The Mafia Can Teach The Legitimate Businessman, a couple years earlier; it was fantastic.

Unlocked did not disappoint, providing the backstory behind many of the anecdotes presented in Mob Rules.

I’ve invited Mr. Ferrante to the blog to share more of his story.

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Jul 3

Three Freedoms We Should Be Fighting For


National holidays have inspired posts from this blog in the past.

In the spirit of Independence Day, here are three national policy changes that Americans should be fighting for.

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How To Shed Fat: A Sample Program For Women (and Men, too)

On the heels of my last post, on why women should embrace resistance training, comes a basic workout regimen for getting in better shape. 

I’ve sent this write-up to a few female friends in the past. It’s a simple, yet comprehensive program for anyone looking for a concrete answer to the “how do I start a workout program?” question.

It’s effective for both women and men and doesn’t require a gym membership or any equipment (although you’ll want access to weights, eventually).

Consult a health professional before starting any new program.

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